One Simple Snippet to Boost Your Conversion Rate!

Zach Lukaszek, co-Founder of Ships-A-Lot

Zach Lukaszek is a former PhD student turned entrepreneur who enjoys writing about eCommerce, business, and programming.

Zach Lukaszek, co-Founder of Ships-A-Lot

Zach Lukaszek is a former PhD student turned entrepreneur who enjoys writing about eCommerce, business, and programming.

One Simple Snippet to Boost Your Conversion Rate!

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The Intro

The goal of this article is to help Shopify store owners implement a very simple and effective sales tactic used by Amazon (pictured below) to boost revenue: receive-by dates on every product page! 

First, we'll provide some figures to motivate you. We wanted to implement something like this on JerkyXP and researched a number of different apps. Adding front-end apps is tricky business since they increase the loading burden for customers; and increasing load time increases bounce rate. 

For such a simple function, we decided to write something in-house. We threw together some JS and dropped it into the theme. You can see a sample output here or below:

jerky shipping time


The Results

We have always found that shipping/transit/delivery times are a big sticking point for our customers. Getting product to our customers faster has always meant more sales. However, if prospective customers don't know how fast we ship, this won't motivate them very much.

We performed some simple A/B testing on three different products to look for the boost in conversion. Each A or B scenario was performed under identical marketing situations (advertising budget was fixed, no email campaigns were underway during testing). Our results are presented below.

conversion rate shipping time

These products were chosen based on diversity. Honey BBQ 2.85 is our most popular item and moves the most units. Teriyaki 2.85 is middle-of-the-pack in sales volume and sample packs are mostly impulse purchases. 

Before implementation, our overall add-to-cart rate was 11.67%. It was lifted to 16.21% by the seventh day of the implementation.

The sample sizes for the overall add-to-cart rate are 922 purchases BEFORE and 1105 purchases AFTER. 


The Catch

This type of call-to-action can have some negative impacts. It carries the risk of over-promising and under-delivering. To combat this, we built a feature in that notifies a user when a product is back-ordered and offers them a coupon for an in-stock product. See below. 

jerky out of stock coupon upsell

This type of message will obviously punch our add-to-cart rate for that product right in the gut. It does alleviate major customer service problems and can increase sales of similar products. The coupon link shown that has a current conversion rate of 2.64%, so the goal is clearly to keep items in stock.


The Code

Here is the code we use. Drop the following JS anywhere in your product.liquid page. Add it to the very bottom if you're looking for somewhere out-of-the-way. It may not be Google-quality, but it makes us money!


function ShipMessage() {

var weekday = ["Sunday""Monday""Tuesday""Wednesday""Thursday""Friday""Saturday"];

var time = new Date();
var twodays = new Date();

twodays.setDate(twodays.getDate() + 2);

document.getElementById("day").innerHTML = "Order in the next " + ( 16 - time.getHours() ) + " hours, " + 
( 59 - time.getMinutes() ) + " minutes, and " + ( 59 - time.getSeconds() ) + " seconds to receive your product 
by "
 + weekday[twodays.getDay()] + "!";


window.setInterval(function(){ShipMessage()}, 100);

Drop the following HTML into your product.liquid page where you'd like the message to appear.

<h4 id="day"></h4>

-Zach Lukaszek


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