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Advertising with Video for Your Ecommerce Business

Teddy Baldassarre, Strategist at Clum Creative Media

I am a digital marketer, videographer, writer, and entrepreneur. I have a passion for social media, digital marketing, startups and tech.

Teddy Baldassarre, Strategist at Clum Creative Media

I am a digital marketer, videographer, writer, and entrepreneur. I have a passion for social media, digital marketing, startups and tech.

Advertising with Video for Your Ecommerce Business

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The One Place You Need to be Advertising with Video for Your Ecommerce Business

Advertising through video is no longer a question of “Should we?”, but rather, a question asking, “Where and how much?”

In the evolving web-based landscape where increasingly smaller companies can have a platform for their businesses, there is an equal rise in the demand on companies to advertise in a manner that will allow them to separate themselves from the competition with video.

When answering these questions, it is important to recognize the trends surrounding content and media today.

As many already know, online content is on its way of surpassing television and other media outlets as the primary place where people are engaging with media.

According to eMarketer, “by 2018 the average adult will spend over six hours a day engaging with online, digital content.”

As a marketing and sales strategist for a video production company, I hear all sorts of questions about where companies should be spending their money to optimize their videos.

Despite there being several options to choose from, the main outlet that I would suggest ecommerce companies to advertise on (especially when just getting started) is:


I know what you are thinking, “Another millennial saying social media is the greatest thing since sliced bread, great.”  

Although it may not be as valuable when it comes making sandwiches, in my opinion Facebook has solidified itself as the best online advertising tool today for several reasons.

  1.   Cost Effective

Unlike other advertising platforms, Facebook is incredibly cheap to get started.  Anyone with a Facebook business page has the ability to advertise directly on the platform.

Once you have a business page, you can choose to run an in depth campaign or simply pay $10 to boost a specific post to gain more exposure.

Although simply boosting a post does not give you the amount of versatility you would obtain if you created a more targeted campaign through Facebook’s Ad Manager, it is still a great way to get more impressions and engagements beyond the fans of your page in a cost effective manner.

  1.   Direct Conversions

Unlike many non-web based advertising methods, Facebook makes it seamless to track conversions of customers through your ads.

By adding a small piece of java code, aka a Facebook pixel, you are able to track conversations and direct actions of those who interacted with your ads.

This is a pivotal marketing technique for anyone in the ecommerce space, as it will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of your Facebook ad and see how it directly leads to interactions on your website,such as adding an item to their cart or completing an online order.

  1.   Massive User Base

Facebook has the largest user base out of any social media platform. With 1.7 billion monthly users, Facebook has an audience that encapsulates nearly ¼th of the world’s population.

However, if this is not enough to impress you, Facebook also allows its users to market on Instagram as well.

  1.   Highly Targeted

Lastly, Facebook provides their advertising users the ability to create highly targeted campaigns.  However, what makes this so unique is how Facebook allows you to target individuals through an endless amount of customizable marketing filters.  

For example, you can target your ads to reach people based on their geographical location, job title, specific pages individuals have liked, and countless other customer differentiators.

This level of specificity that Facebook provides their ad manager users creates an unmatched opportunity to reach any company’s target market.

Ecommerce businesses are faced with a multitude of options on where to market their products.  Although I cannot fault business owners for marketing through other mediums, I believe Facebook has risen as the most versatile and cost effective social platform that every ecommerce business owner should be using.  

The Clum Creative Team


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