FAST: Fulfilled Accurately Shipped Today

The Ships-a-Lot story began in 2015 when three ecommerce entrepreneurs were running an online beef jerky company. Trying to scale the business they looked for a fulfillment center to help with orders as they worked on growth. This is when Max, Zach Zitney (twins) and their co-founder Zach Lukaszek realized that a lot of fulfillment centers were really traditional warehouses converted into "ecommerce fulfillment centers". At this moment they decided to create a fulfillment center that truly understood ecommerce

How we are different

We have run ecommerce stores, we understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency. Our pricing takes into account all aspects of the fulfillment process and displays it to you accurately. Fulfillment is one of the most important parts of your business, you can't afford to have it done incorrectly. 


From our first building in a small town in North East Ohio to our current location in Memphis, Tennessee we have been growing and scaling our business to keep up with ecommerce growth. We make sure each client that we onboard fit our business model so we can deliver them the highest quality service possible. We stay on the bleeding edge of fulfillment technology to improve all aspects of logistics in our warehouse.  

We think FAST at Ships-a-Lot





Your customers want their tracking numbers FAST. Ships-a-Lot delivers on this promise.