Our Story

In 2013, our savory/snack food company JerkyXP faced a number of challenges. Surprisingly, efficient warehouse operations were at the top of that list. A far cry from the good 'ole days of slinging jerky on Twitter while playing Call of Duty

The Zitney brothers hired a consultant, Zach Lukaszek, to streamline and optimize the shipping process. After putting together some excellent results, the team realized that this service could be very valuable to businesses just like theirs.

Thus Ships-a-Lot was born, a warehouse was purchased, and infrastructure developed. The warehouse was tiny, the infrastructure was outdated, but that didn't matter: the team's passion for service overrode every setback.

sleepless nights in the warehouse

The business took off and we had that little warehouse in Ohio packed to the ceiling. The team scouted a new, more geographically advantageous location, and set off to Memphis TN! 

packing up ohio warehouse

Since relocating to Memphis, Ships-A-Lot has grown to fill two warehouses to capacity and now has a single point of operations. Regardless of the location, we are here to serve the blossoming community of eCommerce-focused entrepreneurs.

Ships-A-Lot founders