What is your real fulfillment cost?

This tool was created to help small business that process their own fulfillment estimate their bottom-line & fully loaded fulfillment costs.

What hourly rate do you pay your fulfillment personnel? If you do your own fulfillment, what hourly rate is your own time worth?

About how many hours per day do you spend printing labels, packaging orders, driving to the post office, and reviewing customer orders?

About how many hours per week do you spend counting products and updating inventory?

How many orders per day do you receive?

How much do you pay per month for the space you use for fulfillment? If you own the space, amortize it: Say our building cost $100,000. ($100,000) / (10 years) / (12 months) = $833.33 per month.

How many customer support tickets do you handle each month? Mistakes happen.

What do you pay on average to ship your customers' packages, the cost of postage? Don't be overly optimistic!

How much do you pay per month for utilities?

Do you use any software to assist your fulfillment duties? What does this cost per month?

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